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Leaderley Coaching

Structured training is largely inefficient in meeting your executive development needs because it’s disconnected from your every day context.  And a leader's real-world context is a very rich training ground. 

Coaching confidentially and strategically supports you with personalized development by:

  • Capturing and reflecting on stakeholder feedback to fully integrate and respond
  • Expanding and clarifying your articulated and unarticulated goals
  • Developing a plan to face road blocks both external and self-imposed
  • Experimenting, developing and practicing with new capabilities and tools
  • Motivating you to move through and beyond uncomfortable situations

Bhoomi Pathak
CFO and COO, Mirasee

"I reached out to work with Marisa as I was expanding my role to COO at Mirasee. During our one-on-one coaching program, I found myself growing in so many ways including my confidence, ambition, and effectiveness while at the same time feeling more relaxed, excited and better able to navigate uncertainty. Marisa is a genius at getting people to think differently, change behaviors and believe in a bigger version of themselves, using practical tools and drawing on her extensive business experience."

Nicholas Greschner
Global HR Business Partner, Accenture

"When I was given the opportunity to be coached by Marisa, I jumped at it. As an Accenture colleague, I witnessed first hand her ascension to the leadership ranks as managing director due in large part to her talent for developing and leading people. During our work together, I found myself being more assertive in defining my aspirations and more proactive in identifying and nurturing the relationships to achieve them. Her work had a lasting impact on me as I continue to welcome more visibility and invest more in my relationships. I applied many of the tools she taught me to lead my own teams and I continue to sharpen my vision to augment and increase my positive impact."

Tarah Schwartz
VP of Communications, Plank

"During a major career transition from being an award-winning journalist and news anchor at CTV Montreal, to stepping into a new role as Marketing, Media and Communications Director at a creative digital design agency – I reached out to Marisa to be my coach. During our one-on-one coaching program, Marisa supported me in integrating into a very new environment and guided me in redeploying my skills to maximize the value I brought to this new field. What could have been a very challenging first year (given the steep learning curve) turned out to be amazing! Marisa taught me an arsenal of tools to support me in navigating my new environment. Her support enabled me, and my leaders, to accelerate my impact, maximize my contribution and deploy my talents in a big way. She is quite simply, awesome. If you are transitioning careers or if you are a company integrating a new leader into your organization, this investment is worth every penny."

Ryan Rodrigues

AVP of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, Queen's University

"After interviewing more than 10 coaches, I selected Marisa to support me as I transitioned into a new AVP role within a new organization. I was seeking support given the significant portfolio and complex leadership transitions anticipated within the organization. Working with Marisa not only supported this transition but also provided so much more value in terms of my leadership development. I benefited from her significant experience as she helped me gain even greater self-awareness and instilled a new level of confidence that supported me in tackling a number of emerging issues. Her coaching program assisted me in focusing on my performance and ensuring my own accountability. My goals have become increasingly more aggressive and the standards I set for myself are higher. I also learned the power of activating sponsorship to further increase my impact. If you are looking to grow as a leader, develop your team, and realize your full potential I highly recommend connecting with Marisa. She is an award-winning author, a sought after key note speaker, trainer and coach — more importantly, she is passionate about her work and her clients!"