"Is there a book on that?"


When my clients ask me this question (after a talk or a coaching session) and  I find myself saying, "not really" a little too often!   

That's when the voice in my head says:

"I guess you'll have to write one."   

Hope you find them helpful.

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How Great Leaders Uncover Problems and Unleash Performance

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Team Leadership!  (2023)

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN HURT YOU. In both your personal and professional life, the most damaging problems are the ones you never see coming. Blind spots cause you to get stuck, impair your decision-making, damage your relationships, and prevent you from enjoying the success you deserve.

Through real-life examples learn the seven most common blind spots and solutions for dealing with them in ways that benefit you, your teams, and your organization. Your blind spot is your breakthrough.

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How Turbulent Times are Changing Leadership and How to Pivot

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Business Leadership!  (2020)

In times of turbulence, leadership is everything!  Leaders carry a heavy burden when facing uncertainty and it can be humbling to realize that traditional leadership processes are not meeting the great challenges of our time.

Learn the proven way to face massive uncertainty; navigate disruptions; adapt to rapidly changing priorities; align and seize emerging opportunities. 

As low as $3.95 USD on Amazon

Work Smart

Your Formula for Unprecedented Success

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Business Management! (2017)

This Amazon Best Seller is the best place to start for tuning up your leadership skills and accelerating your success.  It contains 9 Core Skills areas and 50 tips that I have found make the difference difference for my clients.

Working harder isn't the answer, in fact - it's the problem!  This book will give you the blueprint you need to unlock unprecedented success with much more ease.

As low as $3.95 USD on Amazon

The Leaderley Notebook

Ever notice that the most knowledgeable people in the room, are the one’s taking the most notes?

This little book will help you do that.  It contains: A reflection page; An affirmation template; An aspirations log; An annual goal tracker; A quarterly progress tracker; A routine mapper; A habit tracker; And 145 pages to take notes: To capture your brilliant thinking throughout the day. 


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