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Leaderley Academy:

Many emerging leaders struggle to get the support they need to fully elevate into their leadership responsibilities.  Even though they aspire to further advance in their careers, they also can feel uncertain and overwhelmed by the growing complexity in their roles.

Leaderley Academy is designed to bring highly relevant self-paced learning to support their development.

The programs provide the mindsets, skill-sets, tool-sets and implementation support required to grow in confidence and competence as a leader.

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Kick Start Your Leadership 

9 Week Program - Only $497

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Radical Wellness Challenge with WILDFIT®

13 Week Program - Only $895

This 90-day wellness challenge will transform your relationship with food as you revitalize and rejuvenate your body by experiencing ideal nutrition. 

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What Leaderley Academy Alumni Have To Say?

Tracy Huang 
Legal Practice Manager, Venable LLP

"I joined Leaderley Academy through a recommendation by a former work colleague. At the time, I had just quit my job and was starting to look for different professional paths while also running my own contracting business. 

Even though my income source was going to be limited, my colleague told me that using this time to transform my mindset around my professional and personal life was well worth it with Marisa.

I took the plunge and invested the money and it has surpassed my expectations. I knew that I would get a lot out of the personal coaching on our group coaching calls, but I didn't expect was how personalized the feedback would be for me. Marisa is a masterful coach, and she is able to address your issues regardless if others were going through the same thing.

I always felt empowered after the coaching sessions, instead of exhausted.  In fact I looked forward to the calls.

As for the online content, I tore through it in a matter of weeks, because the content was so easy to digest and the homework was so beneficial to me. Marisa has neatly organized her thoughts in a way that makes you feel like you're making progress every time you press play on the video.

She also includes downloadable affirmation and other meditations for you to listen to. While you can find audios like these anywhere, what makes the content unique is that you can sense that she has put all of herself into the experience.

Within 3 months, I was able to find a new job that I love. While before the program, I had a hard time getting unstuck in terms of the job search. Marisa taught me that by developing my own aspirations for my future, I could take incremental steps to achieve my goals.

I also feel much more at ease when communicating with managers and executives.  This came from Marisa's coaching around the being relationship-driven. I used to be anxious when I talked to a "higher up", now I feel much more outspoken, yet diplomatic, when I talk to them.

I got much more in touch with my emotions and how they affected my actions and beliefs. Marisa strikes the right balance between logical and emotional tools to help you understand the craziness that is your mind.

And, finally, because I am more attuned with my energy levels and what I do/do not like to do, I find that my days flow easily and that I get more done.

I would rate Leaderley Academy and Marisa 10 stars if I could!”

Susan Pons
COO, Clear Concept Inc.

"I joined Leaderley Academy to bolster my leadership skills after I was promoted to a position where I assumed formal people management responsibilities.

The program exceeded my expectations in both the breadth and depth of the leadership practices and tips. Within a few short weeks, I found myself being more deliberate about the activities I prioritized. 

As a result of the program, my confidence increased and my relationships with my team substantially improved as I refined my leadership style and silenced the doubts that were slowing me down.

I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to up do-er to a leader."